Monday, May 5, 2008

Strawberry Fields Forever

Today we went on a fieldtrip to pick strawberries with Emma's class. I wasn't sure what to expect - maybe a few rows of strawberry plants - probably way overpriced - etc. Luckily, I was wrong! We went to Bunce Brothers Farms in Stedman, NC (about 35 minutes from my house - only 15 from the school), and we were met with the sight of a huge field with rows and rows of strawberry plants. They were beautiful! We had the choice of filling a clear plastic clamshell (like the kind you see in grocery stores) for $2, or a big white basket to be weighed at the end. I started with 2 clamshell containers, and when we filled those, I got a white basket to fill too! The girls had lots of fun picking the berries. And when we went to pay, I saw some beautiful lettuce for sale on the table. They had red leaf and green leaf, and they were picked this morning! The lettuce was $1. Thats right - you read that correctly. $1. You can't find lettuce anywhere for that cheap. I even got 2 heads of lettuce of $1 because the man who was helping said the first one he put in my bag was too small. I think I need to shop at produce farms every week! Luckily there are some closer to my house. I'll update you about my next farm fresh finds!

The lettuce was soooo good! I don't think I've ever had such fresh lettuce before - it was so tender and flavorful! I'm hooked on farm fresh produce now!
And look out for some strawberry cake/cupcake recipes this week. I just found 4 that I want to try immediately. I think I'll just try one this week. That will give me a reason to pick some more strawberries next week!


Lili said...

go crazy with your lettuce!!

Angel said...

That looks so amazing. I need to find some farms around here. I love having fresh produce. I swear fresh corn on the cob tastes sweeter then any found in the stores!