Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More pictures

Here are some more pictures from the past month!
Some from Abby at her preschool's trip to West Produce's Pumpkin Patch.

A picture of my absentee ballot that I sent in a few days ago. This was my first time voting! (I was naturalized after the last election!)

Pics of Abby enjoying the Jalepeno Cilantro Hummus I whipped up the day Scott came home. She refuses to eat any fruit or vegetables, but she loves green hummus!

And pics of us from dinner at the Mash House last night. Emma was super hyper - very excited about going to her favorite restaurant! Abby was a little grouchy, and didn't appreciate my attempts to cuddle with her until after she devoured a plate of Macaroni and Cheese. (She was pushing me away in the picture!).

And me and my hubby - together again!!!

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nldel55 said...

My little grandson Aiden and I so enjoyed looking at your photos. We are going to try the Carmel cake and the pizza. Thanks for posting them. You have a wonderful beautiful family, blessings

Nana Nancy and little Aiden in Florida