Thursday, March 27, 2008

Happy Easter!

I know, I know - I've been shamefully remiss in my postings on this blog. I haven't posted anything since the 5th. No recipes, no pictures, no nothing! My only excuse is that my parents came to visit last week, so I was busy getting my house spic and span for them - then while they were here, we were too busy having fun to blog!
But, I have some pictures from easter, some new recipes, and some new products to share!
My parents were very kind and brought me the Reynolds Handi-Vac vacuum sealing system plus some bags, so I can store my food in the freezer with no freezer burn.

Then, while we were at Macy's, my dad bought me an Cuisinart Immersion Blender, and an awesome new cookbook - Great Gatherings:Star Chefs Entertain at Home. It has full menus from some star chefs like Rick Bayless, Cat Cora, Wolfgang Puck, Gale Gand, Tyler Florence, and Ming Tsai, just to name a few. They give you recipes and ideas for different gatherings, including a picnic, bbq, paella party, kids bday party, wine paring dinner party, Chinese New Year banquet. There are great looking pictures to go with the recipes too - which I love to see in a cookbook! I can't wait to use this book!

Here is the menu from my parent's visit:

Wednesday night (they arrived around 9pm) : Turkey meatballs with whole wheat pasta (no homemade sauce, just Newman's own), and salad

Thursday: out to eat at The Mash House for dinner

Friday: Cilantro Jalepeno Hummus with chips and crudites, Tex Mex Tilapia, Quinoa and Black Bean salad served over baby lettuce

Saturday: Whole Wheat Blueberry Lemon Muffins for breakfast; and Scott and I went on a date (taking full advantage of the free babysitters staying with us) to a great restaurant in Southern Pines called Ashten's. (I think my parents ate leftovers.)

Sunday: Spicy Scrambled eggs on toast for breakfast; and for Easter dinner - Roast Beef, roasted potatoes, carrots and parsnips, and (my favorite) Yorkshire Pudding, with Carrot Cake for dessert.

Monday: Lunch before the airport at Cafe Carolina and Bakery in Cary

And of course, there was plenty of wine, gin and tonics, and tea poured all week too.

We had a great visit with my parents, and we can't wait for them to come again. Hopefully they'll try a different season next time - maybe fall!

Our new kitchen table! Yay!
Easter egg cupcakes (made from silicone pan) for Emma's class
Emma's class getting ready to hunt for Easter eggs!

Emma finding eggs at her school's egg hunt
She found an egg by her Nana and Papa (and Abby)
Emma and her friend Ella at the Easter Egg hunt
My dad with the girls
My mom with Emma
Date Night (please ignore my wild hair and winter white legs!)
Emma finding eggs on Easter morning
Abby finding eggs on Easter morning
Me and the girls on Easter morning
Nana and Papa with the girls after church on Easter
Me and Scott with the girls after church on Easter
Emma and Abby re-examining their Easter baskets
I'll work on posting some recipes in the next week. Look out for Mini-Quiches, Amish Friendship Bread, Citrus Garlic Roasted Chicken, Roasted Red Potatoes with Rosemary and Garlic, Turkey Meatballs, Tex-Mex Tilapia, Quinoa and Black Bean Salad, Whole Wheat Blueberry Lemon muffins, and Yorkshire Pudding (my dad's recipe). I have a lot of typing to do!


Lili & Robin said...

What a Nice Family Easter!!! Cute dresses...on you AND the girls. Your legs still look tropical tan compared to mine...I like abby's piggies! WOW - you finally got an immersion blender. Bout time. Thanks Dad!

Anonymous said...

You guys are the cutiest family ever!!!! Miss your mom and dad, they are so cute!! Sounds like you had a wonderful week! Glad you guys were able to go on a date.

Miss you guys!!


j&jsmom said...

Dad made your carrot cake for my birthday and it was DELISH! Everyone loved it.