Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Pictures! (non-food related)

I realized this week that I've been remiss about sending out pics on shutterfly. I've been taking tons of pictures of my culinary creations, but none of my kids! Actually, I've been taking plenty of pictures of them too, but I haven't been sending them out. So, since I have a blog now, I'll be putting up some pics here just in case I wait 3 months before sending out pictures again!

My BFFs - Lili and Andrea at Mi Cocina in TX

Me and Lili (also at MiCo)

(l-r)True, Pete (Andrea's new hubby), Andrea, Jack, Lili

Scott putting a floor in our attic. What a handy husband!

The girls at Raven Rock SP

Abby has a new love for gloves and mittens. We call her Michael Jackson.

Emma and her friend at preschool - her class had a tea party!

Abby wearing her daddy's hat.
And last but not least - MeowMeow snuggling on the couch with an ostrich

1 comment:

Lili & Robin said...

wow - your friends are drop dead gorgeous!!!!

Got any family cooking pics from Easter!?!?!?! I will wait to see if any of your Dad's creations make the blog!

Luv ya!